Conversations with white people, my view on racism

Initially, I request to be pardoned for using words such as white people or black people. In this context, I use the words to simply best describe my characters.

The film begins with my move to Italy. Looking back, my mind was already subjected and prepared to expect the worst in terms of discrimination based on the experiences of the ones before me, and yes, I did face racism. It elevated ceaselessly subjecting me to base all my misfortunes on “racism”. However, with time, I experienced and met others who had worse stories to tell, stories incomparable to mine, my stories began to seem like funny sitcoms. I wrote so many unpublished articles on this subject, articles fueled with hate and rage, many were the times I wanted to go back home. However, I saw this as a challenge, a case study, I took a pause and made a firm decision to reflect quietly.

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The “Forum Antirazzista Palermo” Protests Against the Continous Numerous Deaths in the Mediterranean

The history of the Mediterranean migration continues to grieve our hearts. Undeniably, it will go down as one of the largest migrations in history. However, I have established the need to be part of those who are audacious enough to acknowledge that there is a problem that desires fast solutions. The once beautiful sea has become a symbolic pool of blood, taking the lives of the innocent.

Again, the world needs to understand what is really happening and the vast cloud of sorrow being generated. Even the courageous souls who make it to Europe have told tales of how they could have never imagined what awaited them in order to reach the promised land. The land of wealth, The land of peace, The land of security.

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The cursed relationship between Coltan and Congo

Coltan (columbite-tantalum) . Coltan, according to the Oxford dictionary, is a dull metallic ore from which mobium and tantalum are extracted. I view this as one of the most precious minerals in our generation, built on the fact that from it, telephones, laptops, cameras and cars are manufactured. Coltan embodies a remarkably high resistance power and a strong ability to hold electric charge.

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A group of young Africans form an association called “Stra Vox” to fight for the dignity and rights of Africans in Palermo, Italy

I met a group of young ambitious African men who have been in Italy for over 5 years, each had a disheartening story to tell. Karim Ahmed tells me about his journey and the reason why he decided to join forces with other young Africans to form “Stra vox”. Continue reading “A group of young Africans form an association called “Stra Vox” to fight for the dignity and rights of Africans in Palermo, Italy”

Feminism as an African Woman

I really hated growing up as a girl in Kenya, I did everything, all the house chores as my brothers played football. It is my duty to choose how to seat, how to talk, how to dress and how to behave in order to be a “respectable woman in society”, while all the boys had to do was exist. From a young age, I found this extremely unfair. It is not fair that, not only do women carry the entire world on their backs, but we also have to deal with societal pressures and expectations of perfection. Continue reading “Feminism as an African Woman”

A Tale of the Greedy (Inspired by JM Kariuki)

I was not born at the time, but JM kariuki’s history caught my attention due to his famous quote, ‘10 millionaires and 10 million beggars’. This hit a nerve, how did he see this coming? Back in the day, the situation was never as it is now, our grandparent’s generation was different than our time, our generation is oppressive. We want to eat alone and prove that we are better than our peers. This is not to suggest that back in the day there wasn’t site of the greedy or anything of the sort, but our time is built on constant competition. If my grandfather ate, everyone else ate. Continue reading “A Tale of the Greedy (Inspired by JM Kariuki)”

The Poor People’s Campaign

The poor people’s campaign was organised by Martin Luther King in 1968. This was meant to raise awareness of the level of poverty that had attacked the people from diverse backgrounds. Note: This had nothing to do with skin colour, it was meant for all, the Asians, blacks, whites, Mexicans etc.

The lack of financial freedom was extreme and dire, poor African-Americans, especially women suffered from cases of racism and sexism. A committee was formed( the committee of 100) demanding economic bills of rights such as the ability of ordinary people to ‘ play a truly significant role’ in the Government.

In court, the case was defended in referral to the slave labour used in the production of America’s capital and argued that the slave population did not have the same opportunities as the whites who controlled political and economic resources. The economic bill of rights was never passed. Continue reading “The Poor People’s Campaign”


Libya is the fourth largest country in Africa and the 16th largest in the world. The country has been in the limelight for the longest time due to its remarkable amounts of oil, or the famous Muammar Gaddafi. That should definitely ring a bell. Its main inhabitants are the Muslims and Arabs. I cannot confirm the stability of the country due to the outcome of the civil war that broke out in 2014.

By any means, it should never be an awe when an oil rich country is involved in a war, we all know why. Some parts of Libya are still outside the Government’s control with various Militia groups being in charge of some areas, probably one of the many reasons as to why the slave trade has been ongoing.

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Before the announcements of the KCPE results back in my year, I remember being nervous as hell. I was so frightened, the pressure mounted on us by teachers and parents was too much to take in. It was always masked in a way to make it seem as if it was a do or die situation. Some kids also had to re-do the class over and over till ‘they got it right’. Smart kids were kings and queens, then there were the rest, the minions. From time to time, the teachers exempted the ‘smart kids’ from punishments and in turn they were rewarded with extra student benefits. Failure at this point meant that your life was ruined, but is it ever? Continue reading “GRADES NEVER DETERMINE SUCCESS.”


Anne Waiguru has definitely made a name for herself, hate or love her, she made some massive moves especially in the public sector. Waiguru made it to 26 headlines between May and November in 2016. She served as the first cabinet secretary in the ministry of devolution and planning, nominated by incumbent president Uhuru Kenyatta. To add on, she was the director of Integrated Management and Information System (IFMIS) and head of Governance at the National Treasury, Technical Advisor in the cabinet office, office of the president on secondment from World Bank. She has also served as the alternate to the Permanent Secretary National Treasury in the Public Procurement Oversight Authority Advisory Board, and the Women Enterprise Fund Board, quite an impressive CV I must say. Continue reading “THE NYS SAGA REVIEW.”