A Tale of the Greedy (Inspired by JM Kariuki)

I was not born at the time, but JM kariuki’s history caught my attention due to his famous quote, ‘10 millionaires and 10 million beggars’. This hit a nerve, how did he see this coming? Back in the day, the situation was never as it is now, our grandparent’s generation was different than our time, our generation is oppressive. We want to eat alone and prove that we are better than our peers. This is not to suggest that back in the day there wasn’t site of the greedy or anything of the sort, but our time is built on constant competition. If my grandfather ate, everyone else ate.

Take a look at Moi’s story, the second president of the Republic of Kenya. A tale is told of the former president once sharing a single room in Pumwani with Ronald Ngala and Justus Ole Tipis. Ronald Ngala later became the minister of cooperatives and social services in the Kenyatta Government while Justus became the minister of state and the MP for Narok North. A perfect definition of the term, if I eat all my friends eat. I acknowledged it and took it to heart. We live in a generation whereby if I make it, I automatically need rich friends, I need a new social outlook, yet we constantly complain of fake friends, we try building empires which are constantly failing because we are surrounded by people we cannot trust.

We are more concerned with people who are quick to respond to texts and give us plot than those who inhabit real situations to place at our tables. This is the same reason why there are no drainage systems and flowing water especially in most of the eastlands areas. You live comfortably in Magnolia yet you squeeze fifty flats in a small piece of land. You see, the thing is, poverty is associated with desperation, everyone knows this, the rich understand that people who are still hustling to get by do not have time to consider drainage systems or house foundations and lighting when they are looking for houses.

Rich people have all the time and financial capabilities to get lawyers, engineers interior designers and all that. It is a good thing, I would also wish that opportunity for myself, but What do I have? A degree with no job, but I need somewhere to live. No water, no security, bla bla , we are immune, we are okay with receiving water once a week and the year is 2018 not 1935. The thing is, no one is commanding for a chance to consult engineers and interior designers before getting a house (our hardwork gets us there eventually), but is it so much to ask for good roads and flowing water with great drainage systems?

The other day a couple of bribes were paid from where I live to squeeze in some houses for people to rent. A land once filled with trees. A land that should not belong to anyone, all of a sudden there are title deeds, okay, no problem there, but why squeeze in houses this much. Aren’t we supposed to be in an era considering development and improvement of infrastructure, why are we climbing down constantly instead of up.

Why is it that there are so many people with millions in the bank but still cannot mention what it is that they do? Another case came about at my friend’s office, interns were scheduled to get Ksh25,000 a month only to be paid ksh5,000, which they were supposed to be okay with since interns should not be paid anyway. Am sure this is not the only case, where is the ksh20,000 going? Why are some people so comfortable living in luxury through someone else’s struggle? Why are we building flats in heist without following the legit process only for it to collapse and lead to deaths and injuries, or when it rains the floods and sewages are everywhere the children are supposed to play. Let us not start with Kenyan Universities especially the private ones. MONEY, MONEY MONEY and more MONEY.

What would be so wrong in a situation whereby we all get the chance to get a taste of a simpler life, because it isn’t that people are lazy, a situation whereby our jails are filled with actual thieves and not chicken thieves?

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