It was a sunny Saturday afternoon just like any other in Nairobi, Kenya.  I was hanging out with my most closest friends in a sophisticated cafe within the city center. We laughed our way throughout the conversation, sending out hi fives after every comment, the piercing unattractive laughters only brought us blank stares from the other customers as if to indicate we were mannerless and we didn’t deserve to be there. Of course we didn’t, the place was filled with an older audience who seemed quite calm and collected as if they had their whole lives figured out, on the other hand my friends and I lol….

My friend Emma recognized a young man sitting across the room in a corner eating all by himself. The most interesting part in the whole scenario was that his eyes were glued to our table and he could clearly not help himself. We looked back at him simultaneously, giggling in excitement, as I rephrase Taylor Swift, he was handsome as hell. He had this clean shave that is every girl’s dream, with a thick beard that made him seem some what dangerous, well placed in his face. He smiled as if to insinuate he was shy and still extremely sexy lol…That he was brave but still approached life with some sought of kindness that made him seem like a happy soul, the perfect eye, the perfect nose, the perfect toned skin, aah! He was just perfect. We could not tell who excited him the most amongst us, so we all sat making fun of light skinned guys, not that he was light skin, i still don’t understand where that topic came from…

After more than 30 minutes of awkward stares, the mysterious guy stood up and started walking towards our direction, I guess he finally had gathered the confidence OMG!! we all clenched our fists and tightened our butts, my heart rating at 150 beats per second. We all sat in silence , as if awaiting to be chosen to enter the promised land. I don’t think I have ever had a longer moment in my life which seemed to stand still. 

Ladies! He said in a deep calm confident voice, funny thing is , no one replied and we all sat still looking nervously at each other.’ Well that didn’t work’ at least thats what i thought he thought. He stretched out his hand to my friends introducing himself as Jabari. My friends finally said hi back introducing themselves. ‘why isn’t he saying hi to me’ i thought to myself nervously. He put his warm hand on one of my shoulders looking down at my friends ‘ can i ask for permission to steal your stunning friend for a few minutes’ he said. My God! I died inside. It was me ! Me I said! With the extreme beauty that all my friends held, it was me! With all the ladies in the room, it was me! Haaaa! I immediately fantasized myself taking pictures with him to post and prove to my exes i had moved on to greener pastures lol. Oh! How people will always envy me walking with this fine man. Aah! The moment was surreal if i must say. I looked at him bedazzled ‘huh?’ I asked in pretense as if not to understand what he just asked, you know, you can never seem too eager.
My friends stared at me with wide eyed with smiles to showcase the whole teeth set, you know the ‘go talk to him you fool!’ Kind of eyes. I stood up feigning some sort of confidence. Waving back at my friends, wait… why was i waving back​? why were we acting like this? What is wrong with me?

I was confused , I was not understanding. He stood beside the stage where the band normally sets up to play the afternoon jazz. He looked at me smiling thinking of what to say, I looked back at him waiting too…. (To be continued)

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