Libya is the fourth largest country in Africa and the 16th largest in the world. The country has been in the limelight for the longest time due to its remarkable amounts of oil, or the famous Muammar Gaddafi. That should definitely ring a bell. Its main inhabitants are the Muslims and Arabs. I cannot confirm the stability of the country due to the outcome of the civil war that broke out in 2014.

By any means, it should never be an awe when an oil rich country is involved in a war, we all know why. Some parts of Libya are still outside the Government’s control with various Militia groups being in charge of some areas, probably one of the many reasons as to why the slave trade has been ongoing.

Enough with the background, being forthright, it has not been a shock to many that the country has been entangled in engaging Africans into slavery, such a shame that such things are still happening in the 21st century. These are matters that we all thought died off in the colonial times, yet some people are still seen to be executing such inhumanity.

My question still remains though, why do some Africans still think that access to a Western country affirms a better future. This is the same concept that some, not all, but some Africans have when it comes to association with the whites, that it necessarily means greener pastures, that you will definitely have it better, that money and opportunities shall drain upon you like thick drops from a waterfall, no, no it doesn’t.

This has led to the immense rise of cases whereby African men and women have been compelled to devious actions from foreigners. Some have been promised marriages only to end up being forced into acts of prostitution in alien countries, helpless with no options. Let me set it straight that slavery is not only about being tortured or forced into hard labour, some of these things are more psychological than they are physical, the inferiority complex, in short, slavery never stopped.

It was confirmed that the refugees and migrants were being smuggled into Libya by the criminal gangs on the promise of reaching the European shores by sea. They were later captured and their families called to pay for their release. If by any case the family was incapable, they were purchased into slavery. Most of them died due to the harsh conditions or murder and were later thrown into the morgue where they decomposed without proper burials or graves.

Why really? Why should anyone have to go through this? Where do people get the courage to carry out such tasks? How evil can one be? This has also happened not once or twice in Kenya. Young men and women are being promised housekeeping and other jobs in Arab countries with the promise of a better pay. I cannot condemn anyone’s wish for a better life, but still, why?

The other day I was watching documentaries on some of the refugees who were rescued from such circumstances and I hadn’t realized it had gone that deep. The Government has warned civilians against such, yet people are still keen on processing the travelling arrangements. In some cases, it’s really not advisable people, its not. The case with racism has not commenced the other day. I want to note, not all people from different races are similar, not only in Libya, but worldwide. I know of Arabs who are extremely welcoming, some whites who are not discriminative in terms of colour, and blacks who never have to point out or judge in accordance to race, but I still have to write about those who are.

Minor cases in Kenya have been mentioned of Africans reportedly being harassed by those of a ‘better race than blacks’ in work places and other joints. Sometime last year, some guy of a ‘better race than a black’ was almost murdered when he referred to a handyman as an unproductive monkey. It is extremely sad and unbelievable. The law men in Libya clearly knew what was happening, why wasn’t anything done? A smuggler admitted to Aljazeera to have had alliances with the commanders in some of the West African countries to bring in more refugees. He also claimed that the business had grown extensively after the death of Gaddafi.

The messed up economic system in most African countries causes the thirst, but am not sure of whom to blame really. Is it the Government, Economic system, the inhumanity in people, or personal decisions?

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