Conversations with white people, my view on racism

Initially, I request to be pardoned for using words such as white people or black people. In this context, I use the words to simply best describe my characters.

The film begins with my move to Italy. Looking back, my mind was already subjected and prepared to expect the worst in terms of discrimination based on the experiences of the ones before me, and yes, I did face racism. It elevated ceaselessly subjecting me to base all my misfortunes on “racism”. However, with time, I experienced and met others who had worse stories to tell, stories incomparable to mine, my stories began to seem like funny sitcoms. I wrote so many unpublished articles on this subject, articles fueled with hate and rage, many were the times I wanted to go back home. However, I saw this as a challenge, a case study, I took a pause and made a firm decision to reflect quietly.

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