Anne Waiguru has definitely made a name for herself, hate or love her, she made some massive moves especially in the public sector. Waiguru made it to 26 headlines between May and November in 2016. She served as the first cabinet secretary in the ministry of devolution and planning, nominated by incumbent president Uhuru Kenyatta. To add on, she was the director of Integrated Management and Information System (IFMIS) and head of Governance at the National Treasury, Technical Advisor in the cabinet office, office of the president on secondment from World Bank. She has also served as the alternate to the Permanent Secretary National Treasury in the Public Procurement Oversight Authority Advisory Board, and the Women Enterprise Fund Board, quite an impressive CV I must say.

Anne Waiguru was the woman behind the Huduma Centres which were 40 of them, in 36 counties. With these centers, Kenyans were able to access up to 45 public services under one roof, (I.D collections, rent payments etc.) She was successfully nominated in 2011 as one of the Top 40 under 40 in the country. She has also won several awards serving as the cabinet secretary for devolution and planning, the Huduma Kenya Programme was the winner in the 2015 United Nations Public Service Awards. (UNPSA)

With everything going on for her, she later found herself between a rock and a hard place after the NYS saga that broke out in the year 2015. She received a lot of loathe and detest form the civilians after allegedly being accused to be responsible for the disappeared 791 million Kenyan million shillings( It has been stated by some that it was close to 2 billion Kenyan shillings) with our stumbling economy yaiks! Let me make it clear that I am not taking on any sides, I am definitely neither an investigator, lawyer nor a judge In this specific case. When all this broke out, I wondered how so much blame can be placed on a single being. A ministry isn’t an M-Pesa shop, there is the circulation of money among different departments and associates, and I am 100% convinced that other parties were involved too. I would of course understand how she would be the one to take on the blame, she is the face of the ministry after all. I mean, how can so much money disappear under one’s captaincy, without her knowledge?

In a recent interview with Jeff Koinange (JKL), she was keen to answer the questions appropriately addressing every bit posed to her, no deflecting and definitely no signs of a guilty face. She clearly stated that the media kept twisting the whole case and did not care about the facts. The PAC (Public Accounts Committee) report did not bar her from holding public office, it simply suggested that she should be investigated, and if found guilty, she should be barred, this also applied to the rest who were also involved in the scandal. The aftermath of the investigation stated that nothing was found, thus referring to herself as a scapegoat throughout the entire scandal affirming that it was a witch hunt. She boldly stated that all this stemmed out from the fact that she sued the former Prime Minister of Kenya, Raila Odinga, with proof that her investigations were going on while Mr. Odinga was undergoing court proceedings.

The drama thickens, apparently, the former Prime Minister felt embarrassed that the programme walked into Kibera and transformed it within a span of three years while he had over 20 years as the member of parliament and still did not do much, this made the people talk and ask questions. In an interview with Citizen Tv’s journalist Willis Raburu, Mr. Odinga stated that he did more for the constituency as he initiated most of the projects carried out by the Jubilee Administration. For me, this came out as a personal issue and we were the concerned and well-engaged audience. Waiguru also said that the money had been recovered, but it did not make it to the headlines because nobody cares, it was a convenient lie for the opposition. The money was traced to bank accounts and individuals by the asset recovery agency.

Truth of the matter is, the minister does not authorize expenditure, she/he authorizes policy. Mang’iti was in charge of authorizing the expenditure with the ministry’s budget of 110 billion shillings.

Then came in madam Josephine Kabura (hairdresser), who claimed to have been introduced to Anne Waiguru by a male contractor known to have some links in the NYS. Kabura claimed that they had a very close personal relationship with the CS, and that she had been in her home in Runda. Waiguru later denied these claims and made it very clear that she had already moved out of Runda at the time Josephine mentioned she had been residing in the locality. The beautiful lady walked around with large amounts of money in gunias causing people to wonder how that was possible. If conceivably Josephine Kabura lied about the whole situation, then I would figure there were more others involved than we might fathom.

But if by any chance the current Kirinyaga Governor was conscious of the lady and denied it to that extent in the presence of national media, I cannot assess her character any further, It is a shame really.

A lot more was said, some resigned, some stayed. Some Money was recovered in pillows, yes pillows, and a lot of hate speech and betrayal travelled through empty space. Funny enough, this was the only scandal that the lost money was ever recovered. Anne Waiguru is now the Governor of Kirinyaga after winning with 54.09% of the votes while Martha Karua scored 40.78%. So what is left really? What is next for a third world country undergoing economic development, yet loses almost 2 billion of tax money meant to aid the development of the state to a few pockets? Who is to blame really? What serious actions are being taken to ensure this does not happen again? Where are we really standing as a country?

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